• Name
    Miki Onodera
  • Location
    Kyoto City, Japan
  • Summary
    I am an experienced professional with a passion for design and coding. With a strong background in web service company in Tokyo.
  • Education
    - Associate degree of Business management, Sanno University, 2021 graduation
    - Bachelor of Interior and Product design, Kyoto Art University, 2022-
  • Skills
    - Coding: HTML, CSS(SCSS, Tailwind..), Javascript(Vanilla, jQuery, React..)
    - EC: Shopify, Future shop, EC cube
    - CMS: WordPress, Movable Type, microcms
    - Design: Graphic, WEB, Interior, Product
  • Experience
    - 2020-2023: Frontend engineer / Director, +Jam
    - 2019-2020: Frontend engineer / Designer, hakuhodo product's
  • Other
    - Language: intermediate English skill
    - Hobbies: DIY, cooking, traveling